A New Location for Notayesmanseconomics

As of Monday the 21 st of March new content on Notayesmanseconomics will be available at the new location shown below. There will be no change in the content, quality or independence of this blog and I hope that you will find the new format an improvement. The change will also ensure the long-term future of this blog and I hope that you will welcome that. 


7 thoughts on “A New Location for Notayesmanseconomics

  1. Hey Shaun,

    I like the lay-out of the new site. Just wanted to thank you for all your interesting posts since this is the end of this blog I suppose.

    I have been regularly reading it for a while now and found your articles very informative.


    • Hi Jeroen

      Thanks for the compliment however rather than an end it is really only a change of location…

      The back articles from this blog will be copied over so everything will be there hopefully by the end of this week. I have plenty left to say and hope that it represents a change for the better.

  2. well i’ve tried but my phone N95 doesn’t have enough memory 4 this new site. I’ve tried 3 times.


  3. Shaun,

    I am sorry to learn that Mindfullmoney.com may be no more. At least I will be able to comment on your blogs on NaYME (Notayesman….) as my old Windows XP computer was not up to accessing Discuss.

    Maybe your regular commenters could come up with a formula to monetarize NaYME.

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