Father’s Funeral Day

There are few things which stop me from blogging but my father’s funeral is one of them. Thank you to all those who posted such nice comments at the time of his death and if you are thinking it has been a long wait I agree with you. As for me then my priority today and going forwards is my mother.

I will definitely be back next week and probably tomorrow but fate has been strange recently. Up until last night I was not sure if my mother would come out of hospital in time for the funeral so thank you to those at Frimley Park Hospital who sped things up.


15 thoughts on “Father’s Funeral Day

  1. Hi Shaun,

    My thoughts are with you in these trying times


    PS: Frimely Park ? I didnt realize you ( or your family ) lived so close ! ( lightwater is my home village)

  2. Dear Shaun,

    Please take the rest of the week off. You need the time to grieve. I hope that your mother holds up well, as this must be a very difficult time for both of you.

    Best regards,


  3. Shaun,

    All the best for today and I’m glad your Ma could make it out in time.

    I’m sure your Dad will go aloft proud of the fact that you’ve become a beacon of enlightenment and truth in an increasingly financially distorted world for the 99%.


  4. I don’t think that anyone would contradict me when I say that what your blog has given us, makes us almost friends, and as other friends would be, we are saddened by your loss and send our sincerest condolences.
    May your father find eternal peace.

  5. Thinking of you, your Mother and brother on this sad day Shaun.

    Sorry to hear your mother has been in hospital and |I hope she is making a good recovery.

    Today will be your fathers day, tomorrow and thereafter will be for your mother, brother and you trying to begin to move on together whilst never forgetting Dad.

    It’s for you to do whatever you feel comfortable with Shaun. I hope you take as long as you want before returning to this blog or any other of your daily routines.


  6. Shaun,
    Thoughts are with you, can only echo sentiments above. Read your blog everyday, it’s the only thing that makes any sense of what’s going on, is consistent and isn’t trying to take an angle.

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